The National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Network (NPBDN) is the nationally integrated network for plant diagnosticians in Australia. Members of the network support their profession by helping to contribute to a sustainable plant diagnostic system. Their activities enable the efficient and effective diagnosis of plant pests by Australian plant diagnosticians.

The network was founded in 2011. The network was formally established by a wide range of stakeholders involved in managing Australia’s plant biosecurity system. Plant diagnosticians involved with this network are located in every state and territory. Diagnostic services are provided from cities and regional centres in most of Australia’s major agricultural production areas.


The story so far

Past Plant diagnosticians within Australia networked on an ad hoc and informal basis.
2009 The Subcommittee on Plant Health Diagnostic Standards formed the idea of developing a formalised network of diagnosticians as part of the draft National Plant Biosecurity Strategy.
2010 The National Plant Biosecurity Strategy was endorsed. The formation of the network began; and is included under Strategy 5: Create a nationally integrated diagnostic network.
2011 Network founded formally at the National Diagnostic Network Workshop
2012 NPBDN Members met for the first time at the Annual Diagnosticians Workshop which focused on the professions needs; The National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Strategy was released;
2013 The network’s website was launched at the second Annual Diagnosticians Workshop

Helping Australian plant diagnosticians succeed together