Call for reviewers of diagnostic protocols

9 National Diagnostic protocols and 18 draft protocols are due for review and/or verification, these are listed below.

If you would like to undertake one of these reviews, and can do so within a reasonable time frame, please contact the SPHD Secretariat ( outlining the review you wish to conduct by 5:00pm AEST Friday 22 July 2016. Additionally, if you know of any other scientists with the expertise to undertake these reviews (who may not be members of the Network) please forward the details to them. Once approved by SPHD, the project manager will then negotiate times and costs directly.

For information about individual protocols please email Barbara Hall. Guidelines for conducting the review are in SPHD Reference Standard 4.

NDPs for review – desk top review of currency and accuracy only.
Scientific Name  Common Name Status
European stone fruit yellows European stone fruit yellows NDP 12
Potato mop top virus (Pomovirus) Potato Mop-Top Virus NDP 15
X-disease phytoplasma Peach X-disease NDP 17

** Need to ensure consistency with IPPC


Protocols for review and/or verification
Scientific Name  Common Name  Review required
Candidatus Phytoplasma solani Bois noir phytoplasma review & verification
Colletotrichum lentis Lentil anthracnose verification only of molecular protocol
Daktulosphaira vitifoli Grape Phylloxera review & verification
Deanolis sublimbalis Red-banded mango caterpillar review & verification
Hyalesthes obsoletus Cixiidae planthopper review & verification
Lobesia botrana Grape berry moth review & verification
Mayetiola destructor Hessian fly verification only of PCR
Sitobian avenae English Grain aphid review & verification
Sternochetus frigidus Mango pulp weevil review only
Cotton leafroll dwarf virus Cotton leafroll dwarf virus review & verification

** These two may be best done together as the techniques are almost the same.

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