Laboratory Residentials 2013-14

Below is a summary of activities completed as part of the 2013-14 round of Laboratory Residentials. Information on the current round of Laboratory Residentials can be found at Current activities.

If you have any questions regarding the Residential program please contact the NPBDN Executive Officer at or (02) 6272 5639.

Applicant Organisation Host Summary of residential
Jamie Davies DPIPWE DPI NSW Exchange information on Quality Management systems and develop an interlab proficiency testing arrangement. Develop a diagnostic protocol for hazelnut big bud mite. Develop training and proficiency testing tools for honeybee mites.
Yu Pei Tan Qld DAFF DAFWA Work with DAFWA on Rice blast, specifically developing molecular techniques and resolving taxonomic issues, updating the NDP.
Alistair McTaggart UQ NAQS Participate in a NAQS survey and receive training in Qld flora and exotic plant diseases. Will train NAQS members in molecular techniques.
Stacey Anderson DAFF ANIC Two one week visits to receive training in Lepidoptera identification, particularly economic pests.
Cameron Brumley DAFWA ANIC Contribute to the curation of aphid collection within ANIC during a two week stay, including making images available through PaDIL.
Chris Bloomfield DPI NSW DAFF/NAQS Broaden experience with tropical fruit flies and learn techniques. Exchange experience on quality management systems with NAQS.
Rebecca Roach Qld DAFF DPI NSW Improve bacteriology skills and gain experience in additional techniques, together with mentoring experience from NSW staff.
Helen De Graaf SARDI DPI NSW Visit Australian Scientific Collection Unit (ASCU) and learn the curation approach and operation system, with a view to implement learnings at Waite Institute and Nematode Collection (WINC).
Sue Pederick SARDI PFR, NZ Visit Plant and Food research centres in Auckland and Lincoln to further diagnostic skills and knowledge; update the current SARDI laboratory

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