Plant Protection (books 1-4)

Plant Protection (books 1-4)
Book 1 – Pests, Diseases and Weeds – These are the causes of most plant problems. Some problems affect a wide range of plants, others a limited range. Diagnosis of the cause of a problem precedes effective control
Book 2 – Methods of Control – All possible methods of control are considered including preventative and non-chemical methods
Book 3 – Selected Ornamentals, Fruit and Vegetables – Most plants included in this book are prone to problems or are important commercial and horticultural species .This book is a starting point for the collection of the type of information needed for the preparation of a plant management program.
Book 4 – How to Diagnose Plant Problems – This is a ‘how to’ book that describes the process of diagnosing plant problems.
It is not intended for identifying specific pests, diseases and weeds –
there are already many resources available for this purpose.

Excellent introduction to the art of plant diagnostics

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