National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Strategy

An understanding of how the National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Network fits into the bigger picture may help you to value the importance of the network and its direction. To help you do this, the network recommends that you read the National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Strategy, particularly its recommendations and actions that are presented below.


 Recommendation D1: Develop a nationally integrated plant biosecurity diagnostic network that underpins Australia’s plant biosecurity system 

Action D1.1:

Key roles and responsibilities agreed amongst agencies on anationally coordinated basis 

Action D1.2:

Develop a process to encourage new diagnosticians to enter the field and enable continued professional development of current diagnosticians 

Action D1.3:

Identify network elements and their coordination 
 Recommendation D2: Implement and maintain appropriate quality management systems in diagnostic laboratories 

Action D2.1:

All diagnostic laboratories in the network have the ability to deliver diagnostic testing to acceptable quality standards 

Action D2.2:

Governments to take responsibility for establishment and ongoing costs of maintaining appropriate quality management systems for diagnostic laboratories 
 Recommendation D3: Diagnostic capability and capability for all HPPs be developed and maintained 

Action D3.1:

Regularly prioritise diagnostic protocols for development and review using a contemporary risk based approach 

Action D3.2:

Develop a national policy to facilitate access to reference material and positive controls for diagnostic tests by ensuring appropriate processes and containment protocols are in place for their importation, storage and handling 

Action D3.3:

Regularly review current and future needs of the diagnostic system in terms of human resources, skills and infrastructure, and implement proactive approaches to ensure these are met 
 Recommendation D4: Establish a national plant biosecurity information management framework to optimise data sharing 

Action D4.1:

Regularly review plant biosecurity information management systems that support diagnostics to ensure they meet the needs of the network and implement mechanisms to address gaps 

Action D4.2:

Develop, implement and maintain standardised information systems nationally, both within government and industry, for the collection, analysis and retrieval of surveillance data, diagnostic information and research outcomes

Action D4.3:

Develop a system that enables the sharing of diagnostic data nationally and complete a stocktake of existing data management systems in plant biosecurity laboratories

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