Scale and Mealybug Diagnostic Workshop – Brisbane

Expressions of interest are being sought for a Scale and Mealybug Diagnostic Workshop.

When: 12-16 November 2018

Where: University of Queensland, St Lucia, Goddard Building, Biosciences Lab

Expression of Interest

This workshop is aimed at introducing participants to the superfamily Coccoidea with an emphasis on diagnostics of the mealybug (Pseudococcidae), soft scale (Coccidae) and hard scale (Diaspididae) families. The workshop will be laboratory based and is targeted at diagnosticians seeking a basic understanding of the taxonomy, morphology and identification of commonly encountered Australian pest taxa and some of the major pest species exotic to Australia. It is envisaged that about 40 or more taxa will be studied.


Michael Gorton and Cath Harvey
Michael and Cath are entomologists with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and have several years of experience working with Coccoidea in biosecurity through international intercepts and offshore and onshore surveillance activities.

Provisional agenda

Monday 12th – Introduction to superfamily Coccoidea; taxonomy, diversity, anatomy
Tuesday 13th – Introduction to Coccidae; morphological characters and common pest taxa
Wednesday 14th – Introduction to Pseudococcidae; morphological characters and common pest taxa
Thursday 15th – Introduction to Diaspididae; morphological characters and common pest taxa
Friday 16th – Review and Competency assessment


If you are interested in attending this workshop, please send an expression of interest to the mailbox by 5:00pm AEDT 12 October 2018.

SPHD will review the expressions of interest with the aim of achieving the most suitable representation across jurisdictions and organisations. Participants from northern Australian jurisdictions (QDAF, DPIRD, NTDPIR, NAQS), or those who can demonstrate that their role relates to diagnostics in northern Australia, will be funded to attend under the Modern Diagnostics Project.

Attendees must be NPBDN members so if you are interested in attendance but are not a member join the network for free right now!
We will inform you of the outcomes of the expressions of interest process by 5:00pm AEDT 19 October 2018.


Michael Gorton: 07 42417896, 0409 232 617,
Craig Marston: 07 4241 7942, 0434 686 198,

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