Proficiency Testing

Benefits of Proficiency Testing

The Subcommittee on Plant Health Diagnostics is committed to helping facilitate the progression of laboratory accreditation and proficiency testing.  Proficiency testing provides valuable information on the performance of diagnostic laboratories.


Laboratories taking part in regular proficiency testing provide regulatory bodies with confidence in the results of diagnostic tests, which is vital when dealing with international or interstate trade issues. Other significant benefits to laboratories include:

  • Confirming competent performance
  • Evidence of proficiency for accreditation
  • Identifying testing or measurement problems
  • Comparing methods or procedures
  • Comparing operator capabilities
  • Educating staff
  • Instilling confidence in staff and management
  • Strengthening networks between laboratories
  • Providing laboratories with additional risk management.

SPHD will work collaboratively with participating laboratories to improve diagnostic services and refine the proficiency testing program to ensure participating laboratories maximise benefits.


How does my laboratory get involved?

For more information about the proficiency testing program please contact Peter Cross. You will need to be logged in to view contact details.

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